Synoquin EFA

Nothing says more about Synoquin EFA than the testimonials from dog owners and dogs living rich and fulfilled lives. Synoquin EFA has also been featured in publications, as well as on the BBC’s The One Show.

Read some of their stories in their own words.


Suki came into my life in 2005 when she was just 2 years old. As a veterinary nurse, it is compulsory to obtain a companion in need of more than just a forever home. Suki had been involved in a Road Traffic Accident, in which she had sustained 3 fractured metatarsals of her right hind foot. After ground breaking surgery and intensive nursing, her leg was saved.

– Sarah Ridler




Tilly is nearly 13 years and months old. The Vet suggested that we give her one synoquin tablet per day. Despite her age Synoquin as helped her do what she loves best, chasing and catching her ball, swimming, running through muddy puddles and rolling down hills. She is one happy and content Golden retriever who can still live life to the full despite her age.

– Cheryl Murphy




This is Piglet, who… at the age of 14½ is still enjoying long daily walks. It’s wonderful to see him so active – and no prescription drugs!

– Jan Bardey





I am Tessa, rescued from Wales when I was 5 months old.

I was quite a challenge so my mum trained me to do agility which I love… I started taking Synoquin and soon after was able to do agility again. I am nearly 13 now and still enjoying life to the full as you can see! Thank you so much. I am a very happy, lucky dog.
P.S. I am the dog in the air!!!

– Sara Gilding



My name is Archie. I am a Staffie/Westie cross Battersea rescue dog. I have been with my adoptive parents 13 years now… I am now 15 years old, still enjoy my daily walk in the park and chase the odd squirrel if he is unfortunate to cross my path. Archie xxx

P.S. I got my owner to write this as I am not yet able to work a computer.

– Doreen & Peter Allen



Hello (Woof), I’m Mila, bouncy black Labrador.

Once upon a time I had lost my bounciness and although my daddy used to try and make me feel better things weren’t quite as fun as they used to be. Getting up in the morning and tackling stairs were both a struggle.

One day though daddy sniffed out something called Synoquin and before long I was back to my young self. Walks are now the same fun as they used to be and afterwards I can go upstairs and roll around on daddy’s duvet again. Synoquin… Brilliantly bouncy stuff!

– Daren Moore



Cassie came late to agility, beginning training at 10 years old. A few months later she began competing at shows. She loved it so much. When it became obvious that age was taking its toll, we started her on Synoquin and she never looked back. If we ever forgot her Synoquin eg if we were away for a few days, it was noticeable.

It was only a month before she died that I finally had to retire her from Veteran agility classes, when, due to being deaf, she became very disorientated. However she continued to come to club and our determined little fighter enjoyed a bit of agility on training nights right up until she was put to sleep aged 14. I am in no doubt that the Synoquin helped Cassie to be able to enjoy her life right up until the end.

– Frances Peel



My Miniature Wired Haired Dachshund “Boris” will be 15 years old in April 2014, and has been taking Synoquin since he was a puppy. He has been taking Synoquin all his life, which has kept his joints supple. He is an amazing little dog. In his younger days he was always stepping it out with his friend Chezzie, a beautiful golden labrador.

– Jean Evans




As he was getting older and our vet suggested Synoquin would help… After taking Synoquin for a short time he never struggled to get up and wasn’t sluggish any more which gave him a better attitude to life. Sadly, Murray is no longer with us, but a Newfoundland dog achieving over 12 years, is proof that Synoquin Chewable Tablets helped without which he wouldn’t have enjoyed his twilight years.

– Ms S Brookes




We rescued Baloo at 6 months. He is a very large dog and had been kept on a small veranda without exercise.

– J Ashby




I think it’s very very good. I’ve seen a huge difference in my dog and he seems to be much more happier in himself.

– N Phillips



Bella & Tara

Synoquin EFA has given both my dogs a better quality of life.

– M Williams





Having used this product for my dog, I feel it has helped a great deal in keeping her mobile! Very happy customer.

– B George

Synoquin EFA Cat

At VetPlus, we love hearing the success stories from pet owners using our products. Read some of their stories for Synoquin EFA Cat in their own words.


We love Synoquin EFA Cat. We started using it with Hugo just over a year ago…

– S. Ferris (Veterinary Nurse)



Calmex is a cheaper alternative to other products that weren’t working and was recommended to us by our vet.  Rosie is a 12 year old crossbreed and has been using Calmex for 15 months.

– D. Hulmes



Before I started using Calmex I had tried just about every calming supplement on the market for Wilson for thunder and fireworks, but nothing worked.

– Jo from Aberdeenshire


Calmex works really well. It’s very calming during firework season and in stressful situations.

– Maxi from Rotherham



Lypex has my highest recommendation and thank you to VetPlus from Wills also!

– T. Clark