Vetsalve FR ® Vetsalve FR

Vetsalve FR ®

A water resistant salve for the maintenance of healthy skin and to aid management of minor cuts and abrasions. Vetsalve FR has a wide range of potential uses.

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What Else Can I Do?

The below are a good starting point to minimise the risk of injury to livestock:

  • Building Fittings – Keep farm buildings free from sharp edges
  • Fencing – Make sure fences and gates are well kept

Why Should I See My Vet?

At VetPlus we believe vets are best placed to advise on the right course of action for your animals.

Next Steps

Our products are only available through veterinary practices. To find your closest vet practice stockist, please visit our Vet Search page.

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Application Guidelines

Apply liberally to the affected area and repeat application every 24-72 hours until the condition is resolved.



Vetsalve FR is a unique combination of ingredients including citronella oil and chloroxylenol.

All of our products are manufactured in Lytham, Lancashire to GMP Standard. To find out more about our manufacturing facility, click here.


Contact the vet you purchased Vetsalve FR from for guidance on the use of Vetsalve FR for your animals. They’ll be able to provide specialised advice for your animals due to the records they keep. If you are unable to get the information you need from your vet, or if you bought Vetsalve FR elsewhere, please contact us for assistance.

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