Synoquin Growth ® Synoquin Growth

Synoquin Growth ®

Supporting dog joints even in the early years.

For over 25 years, VetPlus has pioneered the development of veterinary nutraceuticals. Since 1998, SYNOQUIN® has been recommended by vets and

trusted by pet owners as the UK’s leading product. SYNOQUIN® GROWTH is widely trusted around the world to support healthy joints in growing puppies.

Puppies grow at an incredible rate during their first 18-24 months of life, multiplying their birth weight by an average of 60 times. As your puppy grows, this rapid growth puts pressure on their joints.

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Why Should I See My Vet?

At VetPlus we believe vets are best placed to advise the best course of action for your pet. Joints provide the body with natural flexibility and shock-absorbing ability to allow your puppy to cope with daily activity. The joints are extremely complex and your vet will be able to perform checks to ensure they’re healthy.

Next Steps

Our products are only available through veterinary practices. To find your closest vet practice stockist, please visit our Vet Search page.

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Feeding Guidelines

SYNOQUIN® GROWTH is formulated for puppies and growing dogs from 3 months onwards.

Give two tablets a day; preferably one in the morning and one in the evening with the dog’s daily meals.


Contact the vet you purchased Synoquin Growth from for guidance on the use of Synoquin Growth for your pet. They’ll be able to provide specialised advice for your pet due to the records they keep. If you are unable to get the information you need from your vet, or if you bought Synoquin Growth elsewhere, please contact us for assistance.

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