Synoquin EFA Cat ® Synoquin EFA Cat

Synoquin EFA Cat ®

Synoquin EFA Cat, our leading joint care supplement for cats aids stiff joints and promotes mobility.  Synoquin EFA Cat contains Dexahan, a unique source of Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs).  Omega 3 EFAs are an excellent supplement to add to your pet’s diet as they have lots of health benefits and are often used to aid in the management of joints.  Dexahan is a concentrated source of krill, a tiny crustacean with an especially big nutritional benefit!  The EFAs in krill oil are more easily digested and utilised by the body than those from other sources. They come from an environmentally friendly source, are packed with antioxidants and don’t cause your pet to get fishy breath.

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For over 25 years, VetPlus has pioneered the development of veterinary nutraceuticals.

Since 1998, SYNOQUIN® has been recommended by vets and trusted by pet owners as the UK’s leading product and is the only joint supplement to contain Dexahan, a purified Krill Oil. This key ingredient provides a great source of highly bioavailable Omega 3 fatty acids.

Why Should I See My Vet?

At VetPlus we believe vets are best placed to advise the best course of action for your pet. Joints provide the body with natural flexibility and shock-absorbing ability to allow your cat to cope with daily activity. The joints are extremely complex and your vet will be able to perform checks to ensure they’re healthy.

Next Steps

Our products are only available through veterinary practices. To find your closest vet practice stockist, please visit our Vet Search page.

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Feeding Guidelines

The highly palatable capsules can be opened and mixed with food or given whole. Do not lower the suggested intakes unless advised by your veterinary surgeon and to ensure maximum benefit, it is important to complete the initial six week loading programme as below.


Initial programme (6 weeks):
2 capsules daily in the morning and in the evening

Maintenance programme (long term):
All cats respond differently to supplementation. However, in general, after the initial loading programme the daily intake can usually be reduced to 1 capsule per day.


Name: Hugo
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Age: 8 years old

We love Synoquin EFA Cat. We started using it with Hugo just over a year ago. It is so easy to use, we just split the capsule and sprinkle it straight on to his food and he wolfs it down. Very helpful with a slightly temperamental cat 🙂 We would certainly recommend it!

S. Ferris
Veterinary Nurse
Smart Veterinary Clinic, Cardiff

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Contact the vet you purchased Synoquin EFA Cat from for guidance on the use of Synoquin EFA Cat for your pet. They’ll be able to provide specialised advice for your pet due to the records they keep. If you are unable to get the information you need from your vet, or if you bought Synoquin EFA Cat elsewhere, please contact us for assistance.

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