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VetPlus Juice Bar at BSAVA

On the 6th–9th of April the VetPlus team attended the 60th annual BSAVA congress in Birmingham. With over 10,000 members, speakers, exhibitors and staff of the Veterinary industry attending over the 4 days, what better way for VetPlus to launch their new product; Renate.

Renate Launched

Renate is a phosphate binder which supports renal function in cats who suffer from conditions such as Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). Alongside the two phosphate binders (magnesium and calcium carbonate), Renate contains a unique blend of natural ingredients such as curcumin, pine bark and cranberry.

Lecture By Sarah Caney

To support our exciting new product launch, VetPlus sponsored a lecture delivered by Sarah Caney, a specialist in the feline veterinary industry. Sarah gave an amazing insight within her lecture “Slowing the progression of feline CKD what can be done?” and spoke about how Renate can aid cats who suffer from renal failure.

Phillipa Chadwick, Head of Marketing for VetPlus, said “We were delighted the lecture was so popular, there were over 100 people in the overflow area as the lecture hall was at capacity within minutes. Sarah spoke incredibly positively about her experiences in using Renate with her CKD patients.”

Fibor and Our Hit Juice Bar

To coincide with the launch of Renate, we also promoted one of our newer products launched back in 2016, Fibor. With its unique blend of ingredients, including kiwi, Fibor can helps to support the digestive system in cats and dogs.

Keeping things juicing, VetPlus had a juice bar themed exhibition stand giving away 2,000 water infuser bottle filled with the key ingredients from both Renate and Fibor – cranberry and kiwi’s! Everyone loved them so much that the team almost ran out of bottles on the first day!

The VetPlus BSAVA Party

As the Friday night dawned, we hosted our annual famous BSAVA party at the Town Hall in Birmingham for 500 of our VetPlus customers. The evening was as popular as ever, with guests given complimentary cranberry and kiwi cocktails on arrival.

‘Daniel Sings’ kicked started the night with live music and we ended the night on a high with ‘The Rush’ who did an amazing job of getting the audience up dancing.

If that wasn’t enough, we had our infamous photo booth which once again went down a storm! Visit our Facebook page to view all of the photos from the event, including the booth, night do and photos from BSAVA.

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