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From Dusk Till Dawn Posted 01/11/2016 - Blog

Sue Ketland DipCABT from Wood Green The Animals Charity talks to us about her experiences with keeping animals calm during fireworks.     It’s that time of year again. The nights are drawing in and the temperature is dropping. The time of year that many pet owners dread. The time of year when calls for […]

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Completely Calmex This Bonfire Season Posted 21/10/2016 - Blog

Completely Calmex Holiday season is upon us, and with the celebrations comes something many dog owners dread – fireworks. Amongst the smiling faces, toffee apples, muddy wellington boots and woolly hats are frantic dogs; destroying furniture, cowering under beds and madly howling. In fact, it is estimated that over 45% of dogs experience some form […]

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8 Ways to Keep Your Dog Calm This Bonfire Night Posted 19/10/2016 - Blog

It’s not uncommon for dogs to be fearful of loud noises, in fact in 2005 a study was carried out by the RSPCA which found that 49% of owners questioned reported their dog was afraid of loud noises. To help your dog this year, follow the below tips from VetPlus.   1. Let them hide […]

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Helping a Scared Dog Posted 17/10/2016 - Blog

Dogs are lovers of routine, and are happiest when they are well within their comfort zone. Unfortunately, and often unpreventably, our human actions force these dogs into situations that make them feel nervous, stressed and uncomfortable. This anxiety can sometimes manifest as a range of symptoms, from vocalisation, destruction and inappropriate toileting to hiding away, […]

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Posted 04/09/2019

Walking our dogs has numerous benefits, one of which is that it gets us out and exploring our local areas.

What’s the best or most unusual creature you’ve seen whilst on a dog walk?


Posted 31/03/2020 @VetPlusUK: