How to help your pets on fireworks night

Posted 18/10/2019

With firework season fast approaching, make your pet feel as comfortable as you can with our helpful tips.

What you can do to support at home

1. Let them hide
Provide comfortable, safe hiding places or dens around the home that pets can go to when feeling scared.

2. Keep them inside
Make sure your pet is inside and then ensure that any cat flaps or doors are closed as cats can sometimes be more stressed if they’re outside during fireworks.

3. Protect them
Microchip your pets so you can be reunited in case they are frightened and escape outside.

4. Daytime walks
Walk dogs during the daytime to avoid times when fireworks are likely to be set off.

5. Reduce noise
Close windows and curtains as this can muffle the firework sounds. Help to mask the noise of fireworks by putting on the tv or music.

6. Don’t restrain
Don’t pick up or try to restrain cats if they are scared, as this can be more stressful for them.

7. Don’t stress out
You can help in keeping your pet as calm as possible by keeping your behaviour normal and relaxed.

8. Prepare clean litter trays
Ensure cats have access to enough clean litter trays. There should be enough for each cat in the house plus an additional one.

9. Don’t leave them alone
Make sure pets are not left alone in the house, as having familiar faces around will help them feel more relaxed.

What is CALMEX®?

CALMEX is a calming supplement to help manage stress and anxiety. It is fast acting and consists of a specially blended feed to help promote relaxed behaviour in dogs and cats experiencing behavioural problems as a result of their environment.

If you need extra support for your pet in this season, speak to your vet to see if CALMEX can help.

Find out more about CALMEX® Find out more about CALMEX® CAT

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