Reviews for SYNOQUIN® EFA (6)

Overall Rating

By Bernice Cox
April 23, 2018

Jasper loves it

I started Jasper on Synoquin after my vet advised its the best joint supplement available. Jasper can now run and play like a puppy again! I would recommend it to anyone with an older pet.

By Sarah Milton
February 22, 2018

Great for busy and working dogs

Our working dogs have been on Synoquin for the last 6 months, and we are seeing a real difference in them, the older dogs are much more active which means we can extend their working life. It's a cost effective way of maintaining their joints and ensuring they can remain on the beat with the handlers for longer.

By Mary Townsend
February 15, 2018

Back to his old self

My local vet told me about Synoquin, I had also seen the advert on TV so was interested to see if it could help my Charlie who is a 7 year old Labrador. I've always had Labradors and in the past they have never quite been the same once they start going a bit lame so was keeping my fingers crossed that this time would be different. Charlie went straight onto Synoquin after talking to my vet as he was only showing slight lameness and all I can say is that he has done a complete U-turn! He's back to chasing pigeons and playing in the fields, I cannot fault this product at all as it's given me my crazy, happy Charlie back. 100% recommend!

By Bernice Cox
November 28, 2017

Life changing

Jasper has been displaying sign of arthritis since the beginning of summer. He has been on Synoquin for just over a month now and we have now been able to stop his painkiller medicines. This product has actually changed his life, he is now able to play and run like he's a puppy again! I would not hesitate to recommend Synoquin to anyone with a dog or cat with ageing joints as its helped up so much!

By Alex Coop
September 13, 2017

Great results

I asked my local vet about synoquin after seeing the advert on TV. I have an 9 year old lab and she's definitely aged over the last couple of years. She has now been on synoquin for 6 months and we have noticed the difference. She's quicker onto her feet and is back to getting up and down the stairs - something I haven't seen in a long time! They must also be pretty tasty as she can be a fussy old thing.

By Marney McMahon
February 01, 2017

Synoquin EFA

It has changed my dog's life, he bounces around like he is a puppy again!