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By Amanda McKimmie
January 23, 2018


Sasha is a 9kg JRT born April 2003. In early Sept 2016 (13 yrs 5 mth) her tests and ultrasound revealed Liver Failure and reduced kidney failure with a 'probable' cause of cancer or cirrhosis with a life expectancy of 'borrowed time'. No biopsy was recommmended due to it being invasive and the outcome being unchanged. I had two options: A was to eat anything. B was a good diet and prayers! I researched solidly for a week and, with veterinary agreement, Sasha was fed Dechra Specific CKD/CKW and 2g of Samylin daily. Her Next review revealed her Kidneys were fully functional and a minute increase in her liver's ability to function! Fast forward passed Halloween, Guy Fawkes, My Birthday, Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day, Shrove Tuesday AND SASHA'S 14th BIRTHDAY (Fanfare) it is now May 3rd 2017! Sasha manage to cover 3-3.5 miles of our Country Park 7 days a week AND swim for 5-10 minutes too! On her review last week she simply looked like a fit and healthy dog. She has a well priced Hepatic Diet she enjoys which reduces the work her liver has to do. The Samylin supports the work the liver has to do. With the liver functioning minimally it helps the heart and kidney from having to work harder. I believe that Samylin (along with her diet) are responsible for extending her life and I would recommend Samylin to every cat/dog with liver problems with veterinary advice - of course. Thank you for giving me six plus extra months with my bubby boo boo.