Urinaid ® Urinaid

Urinaid ®

Urinaid is uniquely formulated to help promote a healthy bladder in your dog.  It contains a unique combination of natural ingredients to help the body against poor bladder function.

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Age can be a common factor in urinary tract health


Bacteria can find their way into the bladder

Poor Health

When an animal’s immune system is under pressure, they could succumb to a deterioration of urinary tract

Recurrent Bladder Issues

These could be caused by resilient bacteria or recurring problems

Signs of Poor Bladder Health

  • Frequent urination
  • Discomfort during urination
  • Blood in urine
  • Cloudy urine
  • Urination in the house
  • Passing little or no urine

What Else Can I Do?

The easiest way to help your dog avoid poor urinary tract health is to maintain a healthy, balanced diet and a good water intake. Older dogs benefit from regular check-ups from your vet, including testing urine samples to check their bladder is in good health.

Feeding Guidelines

Urinaid can be given as a treat, mixed with food as directed, or as advised by your vet.

Weight Recommendation
Under 10kg 1 tablet per day
10-19kg 1 1/2 tablets per day
20-29kg 2 tablets per day
Over 30kg 3 tablets per day


  • D-Mannose –an isomer of glucose, which can aid in the maintenance of a sterile urinary tract
  • Cranberry – contains proanthocyanidins (PACs) and has natural antioxidant, health promoting effects
  • Pomegranate – which has many health benefits including antioxidant activity
  • Ashwagandha – used in the traditional Ayurvedic medicine for its beneficial effect on many areas of the body, including the urinary tract

All of our products are manufactured in Lytham, Lancashire to GMP Standard. To find out more about our manufacturing facility, click here.

Next Steps

Our products are only available through veterinary practices. To find your closest vet practice stockist, please visit our Vet Search page.

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Contact the vet you purchased Urinaid from for guidance on the use of Urinaid for your pet. They’ll be able to provide specialised advice for your pet due to the records they keep. If you are unable to get the information you need from your vet, or if you bought Urinaid elsewhere, please contact us for assistance.

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