VetPlus Team Attends The “Most Successful BEVA To Date”

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VetPlus at BEVA

VetPlus at BEVA 2For those who may have attended the BEVA show in previous years, this year’s VetPlus team agreed that this was, by far, our most successful BEVA to date!

For 2016, our VetPlus team consisted of Emma Farrell – Southern Regional Sales Manager and Laura Millross – VetPlus Equine Product Manager. Both were joined by a few of our Area Sales Managers, Alex Imerfreys, Bernice Cox and Sarah Cokell.

The stand was constantly busy with a steady stream of people across the three days, which brought a great deal of interest being taken in the entire product range. They successfully raised the profile of one of our lesser known products, EVENT and have a list of people eager to receive our upcoming literature and begin using the product.

The VetPlus team was joined by Harry the Horse who was sporting our brand new VetPlus rug, which they decided to give as a prize to the very lucky winners at Barn Equine Veterinary Practice in Dorset – congratulations to them!

The atmosphere amongst the team led to a very successful show, and we would like to say a massive thank you to the team that worked there!

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