VetPlus Supports Talks at The Royal Veterinary College

Posted 10/08/2016
VetPlus RVC Evening

rvc-evening-nachoOver the last few weeks VetPlus have been working with the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) by sponsoring evening talks as part of a regular orthopaedic clinical club they are running.

The most recent talk was held at the Queen mothers hospital with Ignacio Calvo (Nacho) a leading orthopaedic surgeon at the RVC. The talk covered the topic of cranial cruciate ligament disease which Nacho covered in depth, discussing tricks to help with diagnosis to controversies such as meniscal inspection.

Nacho was also on hand to assist any attendees with any cases they had and offered advice on putting together a clinical plan.

The event was well attended and positive feedback was received from many attendees, as such the RVC plan to run more talks as part of their clinical club going forward so anyone who is interested can contact the RVC direct of their local VetPlus Area Sales Manager.



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