Milly’s 5 Month Update

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Milly Visits the VetPlus Office

Milly is now five months old. She’s growing fast, and keeping socialisers Steve and Charlotte very busy. For the first six months Steve and Charlotte have focussed on providing routine and consistency, which is incredibly important to help Milly develop in areas such as house training, learning to be left alone, and basic obedience. They spend time socialising Milly around lots of people and animals, and visit as many different places as possible.


“Milly is growing up nicely and doing really well with her training. She’s a very sociable puppy and enjoys making new friends. Everywhere we go people stop us, keen to stroke Milly and find out why she is wearing her green jacket and what she will go on to do when she is older. Managing the public is often more of a challenge than looking after Milly, it’s important that people don’t distract her when she’s concentrating. Milly loved her recent visit to the beach, running on the sand and paddling in the rock pools. She was very sandy when we got home, so it was straight in the shower. We love taking Milly to the football matches and she enjoys meeting everyone.”
Steve & Charlotte, Milly’s Socialisers


Milly at 5 Months on StepsSteve and Charlotte are tasked with caring for Milly’s wellbeing, including carrying out routine health checks, ensuring she is the correct weight and grooming. Jess, their puppy coordinator, works closely with them and as well as seeing them at puppy class, visits them at home to monitor progress and discuss any worries or issues that Steve and Charlotte may have.


“Milly is progressing well through socialising. She has visited lots of different places and experienced a wide range of environments, taking it all in her stride. She is a playful, independent girl who loves her food. Her general obedience is at a very good standard for her age. Milly has attended two puppy classes now and thoroughly enjoyed the treats. We are starting to learn ‘stay’ and also introduce the different elements of health care and being handled. Milly particularly enjoyed having her teeth brushed. This is not only important for her health but could also be used as part of her task work when she is older. Going to the dentist can be a very frightening experience for a child, but if you can see that your best friend is happy to let the dentist look in your mouth, it can really help and shows there is nothing to be anxious about.”
Jess, Puppy Coordinator


Milly regularly attends puppy classes, run by Jess, to establish the basics. The classes are tailored to the training needs of the puppies attending with lots of advice and support. Rewards are used when Milly is showing the behaviour Steve and Charlotte want from her, which strengthens the bond between them and teaches Milly to focus on Steve and Charlotte, even when there are lots of exciting things happening in her vicinity. Puppy classes also give our socialisers the opportunity to meet up on a regular basis and swap stories on how their puppies are progressing. It is always a real confidence boost to know that they, or their puppy, are not the only ones finding something difficult to master.


“Milly is friendly with other dogs, getting very excited when we are out and she spots one. Milly is learning to sit and look at us if another dog is about and she is doing really well with this, encouraged by lots of praise and a tasty treat. Provided the dog is some distance away she does really well, but more practice is going to be needed for close up encounters. Milly is a firm favourite at our local vets where she goes to be weighed and practice being handled for a health check. She’s done well with her house training and will respond to the ‘busy busy’ command. All Dogs for Good puppies have a special area at home where they are encouraged to go to the toilet. They have to learn to always use the same area, so they are clean when out for a walk or being taken to the shops.”
Steve & Charlotte, Milly’s Socialisers


Milly at 5 Months 2 - smallSteve and Charlotte will continue to concentrate on transferring the training they have completed at home or in puppy classes to ‘real-life’ situations and environments. Ensuring Milly comes back when called, if walking off lead in the park and helping her learn to settle in busy places such as cafes.


“Milly has already been on holiday for a few days, staying with another socialiser. We like our puppies to do this from a young age, so they get used to handler changes, but can see that their routine carries on as normal. Milly loved playing with their young son and settled in very easily. Her recall was good whilst she was with them and she enjoyed her outing to the beach and the pub. Milly has quite a lot to say for herself when she has nothing to do, so we will practise learning to settle quietly.  We know she is very cute, so she doesn’t need to tell us. I am looking forward to seeing her progress over the coming months.”
Jess, Puppy Coordinator

There is still a lot of play and learning ahead for Milly, make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter, as well signing up to our site for updates on Milly and more.


Milly is our sponsored puppy with Dogs For Good, view her previous updates here.


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