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VetPlus Customer Services

Jodi Porter in Customer Services at VetPlusThe Customer Services department at VetPlus Headquarters in Lytham is the beating heart of the company’s organisation. I went to talk to Jodi Porter to find out more about what happens there.

How long have you worked for VetPlus?
I have worked here since June 2015, so over a year now. I moved to Lytham from Burnley, and when I came for the job interview here I knew I liked it straight away.

How many are in the team?
Customer Service, including our reception team, has six members. We are all ladies and we get along great – they are a great bunch of girls! There is always a good amount of office banter, and everyone pulls together when there’s a big job to do. They are great at making sure anyone new gets plenty of help, and there are always biscuits available in the office somewhere!

Describe a normal day
I get in at 8am. First I check the emails we have received in overnight and place any orders with our warehouse. Throughout the day we will make numerous telephone calls to confirm orders with suppliers and deal with any queries raised by them. We will also take calls from farmers, veterinary surgeons and the general public all looking to place orders or to ask questions. No two days are the same! The day will finish with us invoicing the orders that our warehouse have dispatched.

What is the best part of the job?
My favourite part of the job is being able to learn new skills and processes. VetPlus is constantly growing and this means there is always a demand to take things to the next level.

What is the worst part of the job?
Having to make two trips to the warehouse when it is cold and wet, also having McDonalds at the top of the road as dieting is not always successful. Not to mention all the sweets and chocolate that arrive in our office, temptation is always in view.

What is your favourite product?
My favourite product is Synoquin EFA. I love trampolining and I know the wear and tear that can accumulate on joints, especially if you are active. Synoquin EFA is perfect for dogs that have put their joints though a lot, either with exercise or age.

What happens when you receive a customer enquiry?
That depends on what the question is. If it is a question regarding the contents of the products, then I would refer on to our Quality department to make sure I had the exact answer. If the question was from a member of the public wanting to know where they could purchase the product, I would be able to find their local practice and direct them there, and finally if the question was technical then I would refer the question on to one of our vets. We have a great technical department, who are always on hand to answer questions about the usages of our products.

Do you have any pets yourself?
Yes! I have a Staffie dog called Cinder. She is super soft and is white with a black eye!

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