“It’s so good to see Glen back to his old self – in fact, he’s as active as a puppy again!”

Posted 11/06/2019

Synoquin is the only joint supplement to contain Dexahan, a purified Krill Oil packed with Omega 3 fatty acids, to aid joint comfort and mobility.Synoquin Product Range for stiff joints

We recently heard about how Synoquin had helped a dog called Glen, here’s his story:

Mr & Mrs White, from King’s Lynn, had noticed that their collie, Glen, was becoming less active. “He had started limping, seemed quite stiff and was struggling to lay down and stand up. I wondered if it might be old age as Glen was 11, so we went to see our vet for advice and to find out if there was anything that might help him.”

Following their vet’s advice, Mr & Mrs White decided to give Synoquin EFA a try to see whether it could help Glen. Thanks to the formulation of Synoquin, the tablets are super-tasty and Glen takes one tablet each morning. Synoquin contains essential Omega 3, sourced from krill oil – one of the purest forms of Omega 3.

After a couple of weeks, The Whites started to see a change in Glen, “It was so good to see him able to move around a lot easier, and enjoy running around the garden, so we decided to continue with Synoquin as a long-term solution. Now, 12 months on, Glen is back to his old self, and a happy, healthy dog. We’re very grateful to our vet, Julie, for recommending Synoquin and we’d definitely recommend it!”

Mr & Mrs White received their advice from Vets 4 Pets in King’s Lynn.

Synoquin’s unique formula has been recommended by vets for almost twenty-five years. It provides targeted nutritional support to the joints to help aid comfortable movement. Synoquin is loved by both dogs and cats, thanks to its tasty formula.

Ask your vet for SYNOQUIN® EFA


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