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Milly and Nita

It’s Milly here!

Since you last heard from me, I have been very busy doing lots of new and exciting things and getting used to my new surroundings. I have had loads of visitors and everyone says how cute I am and gives me loads of cuddles.


Milly and Nita asleep

I am now much bigger than when you last saw me, as I am on proper puppy food and have 4 meals per day. I now weigh 7.5kg and put on 1.3kg in the last week alone!

Today was a big day for me. I had my second lot of vaccines, so all being well, this time next week, I will be able to go out and meet lots of dogs at the park.

When I arrived at my new home, I slept upstairs in my crate, so they could hear me if I wanted to go to the toilet or if I was crying for my mum. For the first 2 nights, I got up for a wee once, but now I go to bed at 10.30pm and sleep all the way through the night until 7am. I now sleep downstairs with the other DFG dog Nita, but still in my crate.

When I moved to Wesham, I couldn’t get upstairs very easily. I had to go one step at a time, and have a rest halfway up. I can now go up them very quickly, but have to be steady coming back down.


I am getting the hang of going outside when I need the toilet. If I stand by the back door, the humans open it for me and off I trot to do my ‘busy’. When they tell me to do ‘busy’, that means I can go to the toilet.

I have started some basic training. The first thing I learnt was how to sit when I am told to do so, and also, before my food bowl gets put down on the floor. I am now learning how to lie down, which is not so easy, but I will get the hang of it soon.


Milly in a shop for the first time

My first Dogs For Good uniform arrived last week, so that is another thing I am learning – how to stand still whilst it goes over my head.

I have now got my first lead and collar and keep practising having it put on, and walking nicely with them on, around the house and in the garden, ready for when we can go out to the park and other exciting places.

See you soon!



We’ll be hearing again from Milly very soon as she learns more and more about the world around her. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or keep an eye on our blog for more news from Milly and if you follow AFC Fylde, you may well see her very soon cheering them on!


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